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Ukjin Yang

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  • 2rd Year College Incompletion, Computer Science, Shingu Collage, Kyeonggi-do, Korea, 2005.

Work Experience

2015.12 ~ 2016.02

Freelancer, KT SAT co, ltd.

  • Project Name: KT SAT ERP.
  • Customer: Korea Telecom(Olleh) co., Seoul, Korea.
  • Developed customer sign up and accept/deny management.
  • Developed subscription registration for multiple devices.

2015.03 ~ 2015.11

Assistant, ED Mobile co, ltd. (separate company from Edenred korea.)

  • Project Name: e-voucher management system.
  • Developed calculation raw data extraction management for settlement services.
  • Developed improved e-voucher sale list for improve sales service.

2014.03 ~ 2014.12

Freelancer, UServe co, ltd.

  • Project Name: Front office, ERP, Daemyeong resort.
  • 20 developers in a team. member and subscription part assigned to me.
  • Developed in-house library for more development performance.

2013.11 ~ 2014.02

Freelancer, Hanatour co, ltd.

  • Project Name: Hanasam ERP.
  • 10 developers in a team. tour products management part assigned to me.
  • display over 10,000 products in a list by jquery deferred (aka. Promise pattern)

2013.02 ~ 2013.06

Freelancer, 4CSoft co, ltd.

  • Project Name: Founder’s school e-learning management system, .
  • Customer: Seoul Industry Promotion Agency, Seoul, Korea.

2013.02 ~ 2013.06

Freelancer, BNA soft co, ltd.

  • Project Name: Vehicle inspection elevator safety management system,
  • Customer: The Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Ansan, Korea.

2011.12 ~ 2013.01

Assistant, G.N.Solution co, ltd.

  • Project Name: Enterprise Infomation System.
  • Customer: LUMENS inc, Kyeonggi do, Korea.
  • Developed framework of display grid and charts. based on Highcharts.
  • improved by 20% faster development working after my in-house front-end library.
  • this project has completed Successful and I was praised for executives.

2010.11 ~ 2011.11

Assistant, YIC Company co, ltd.

  • Maintaince of e-commerce and Developed API for AK department store.
  • improved category management to tree-structure management instead of plain grid.
  • developed index page banner management feature and UI with jQuery UI. that site has no banner management feature.
  • Developed REST API for AK Department store and connect to popular e-commerce services.

2010.01 ~ 2010.10

Assistant, SteamingWay.

  • Devlopment and maintaince of E-learning management system. ASP.NET
  • improved customer site performance by 20% after improve javascript library.

2009.04 ~ 2009.12

Assistant, Quickservice co, ltd.

  • Project Name: Customer complaints management, part of customer review management system.
  • 3 employees, 1 freelancer join with Intergrated Delivery Management system.
  • Devloped customer review step processing with no page reload while viewing contents by Ajax.

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